Why I Registered with a Nursing Agency – Suzanne Wilcock

Deciding to register with a nursing agency can be a little daunting. This was no different for CRG Theatre Scrub Nurse, Suzanne Wilcock, when she decided to register with CRG nearly 20 years ago.

At first Suzanne (pictured left) was unsure about leaving full time employment to register with an agency. She explained: “The first time I heard about CRG was in 1998, when my sister worked at a local hospital and suggested that I joined an agency.”

“Due to personal circumstances, I was unsure whether to leave full time employment but I decided to join an agency and I registered with CRG.”

Suzanne has never looked back and has worked for CRG ever since.

“Over the years of working for CRG I have built a strong relationship with the bookings team. If there are any problems the staff help me in a friendly and professional manner and on priority basis.”

Suzanne has worked on both long and short term assignments at different hospitals across the North West of England.

“Working a variety of shifts has been very beneficial to me, I have gained vast experience in various theatre specialties.”

“I’ve made very good friends with both client and colleagues which has been a valuable help throughout my stay at the hospital.”

“There is never a lack of work and most of the time I work full time with CRG. At the moment, I’m working on a block booking and continue working with CRG. I look forward to upcoming years working in such a loyal relationship.”

CRG Healthcare Staffing offer a range of assignments for theatre nurses on both a short term and long term basis as well as adhoc shifts and block bookings. To find out more about work available and the fantastic benefits package we offer call our team on 01744 457799 or email: jobs@crghs.uk.com.

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