#EveryNurse: One-On-Ones with Nurses

In honour of Florence Nightingale’s birthday, we are coming together to celebrate International Nurses Day.

Here at CRG, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate the brilliant work nurses do. Hence why we’re shining a spotlight on nurses as we speak to them one-on-one on all things nursing; from their day-to-day responsibilities and daily struggles, to their fondest memories and advice for future nurses:

(That’s not all: we also have a lot of fun and exciting activities planned – learn more about our #EveryNurse campaign here.)

What are you doing to celebrate our real-life superheroes? Don’t miss the chance to show nursing staff a little appreciation by thanking them for their dedication and care – tweet your #EveryNurse story to @CastlerockRG or give them a shoutout on Facebook.

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