CRG Healthcare Staffing supports homeless charity

CRG Healthcare Staffing has pledged its support to London-based homeless charity, Doorway.

The charity was set up in September 2017 by CRG Healthcare Staffing Managing Director, Keira Phillips and since then has helped hundreds of homeless people in London.

Founded in October, along with the help of CRG Healthcare Staffing employees, Doorway has organised pop-ups on the Strand, London and handed out clothes and food donated by local businesses and staff to the homeless.

Keira explained: “I cannot believe how many people are sleeping rough in London but the turning point for me was in October. A man had quite clearly overdosed and was walked on, walked passed, and even stepped over. Some people gave the odd uncomfortable glance but none offered to help.”

Keira called him an ambulance and waited with him for it to arrive.

She continued: “As I waited several other homeless men came to talk to me, they told me about the drug spice. One man in particular held my hand as he spoke, desperate for human touch.

“Day after day I pass the same faces, new faces and then some disappear. I wonder where they moved to. I give out shrapnel daily but can’t help but carry this feeling with me that there must be more that I can do. This is why I set up doorway.”

The charity has already helped hundreds of people by handing out food and clothes to those who need it. Around 250-300 people attend each Doorway pop-up.

Keira added: “Our mission is to support the homeless in London whoever they are, wherever they come from. Thanks to the generosity of my colleagues, local businesses, family and friends, Doorway has been able to help so many people in need.”

Doorway pop-ups take place on Agar Street, Strand, London from 6.30pm-7.30pm on alternate Fridays. The next pop-up is on Friday 16th February. If you would like to help Doorway either by donating clothes or helping at the pop-ups, please email:

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