Terms of Business

Our Terms

You will be provided with a copy of our ‘Terms of Business’ upon making an initial request to utilise our services, and with further copies also made available on the back of our timesheets or alternatively by contacting your local branch or our Head Office Finance team.

Our ‘Terms of Business’ form the basis of your agreement with us in respect of the services you have asked us to provide. However, a brief summary of important information contained within our terms of business is also provided below.

Timesheets & Invoices

When any member of our workforce completes an assignment with you they must record full details of their assignment, to include the Customers name and ward/department, date of assignment, start and finish times, duration of hours worked, and any rest/break periods they have taken.  At the end of each assignment/day, our worker will present their timesheet to the Customer and Person in Charge for their review and signature confirming they have completed the assignment and hours recorded.

Our timesheets are carbon-copies, and meaning workers will leave a copy of their timesheet with you, whilst the remaining sheets will be returned to our office for processing.  The use of timesheets allows us to maintain an accurate record of each assignment completed by workers and further ensures we maintain an efficient system for the purpose of processing payroll to invoicing processes accurately.

However, and where you or your family member are in receipt of homecare and support services from us, our staff will either present to you a ‘staff worksheet’ to sign, and which confirms they have attended your home at the times and durations stated; or alternatively will use CRGs e-systems to auto-log their arrival and departure from each visit to your or your family members home.  The process used will depend on how services are delivered in your local area, and will be confirmed with you and your family member prior to services commencing.

Schedule of Fees

Our schedule of fees will be dependent upon the type of worker you request from us, the role they are required for, their grade/band level, and the days and hours of their assignments.  You will be provided with our schedule of fees/charges upon making enquiries to utilise our services, and which will accompany our Terms of Business.

The fees stated will be fully inclusive of all charges, excluding VAT, and which will be charged at the standard rate in force with the exception of Homecare and Support Services which are exempt.  If applicable, any travel fees/charges will also be advised to you within our schedule of fees, and as provided upon your initial enquiry into the services we are able to offer.

For those in receipt of homecare and support services, and upon services being agreed, a Service Agreement will also be developed between us and you or your family member, and which clearly outlines the services to be provided, and the hourly and weekly costs of care.