CRG’s aim is to support public and private healthcare organisations in the provision of high-quality services through the supply of expert healthcare professionals for temporary and permanent positions.

As a leading and approved supplier to multiple healthcare organisations, CRG is a fully compliant NHS framework approved provider.

CRG and its subsidiary brands adhere strictly to public sector vetting and compliance requirements and seek to partnership with other reputable recruitment agencies, who hold a similar ethos and values, to expand and strengthen our supply chain capabilities.

Does this sound like something your organisation could deliver? If yes, please see FAQs below and submit an enquiry using the form provided. A member of our Supply-Chain Engagement team will contact you to discuss the partnership opportunities available through CRG.


What type of organisations do you supply to?

CRG offers multifaceted temporary and permanent staffing solutions to a range of organisations including but not limited to the NHS, Ministry of Defence, Private Hospitals and Healthcare providers.

Our Clients include The Priory Group, care homes, supported living providers, Police Forces and HMP Prisons.

What geographical areas do you supply to?

We supply services on a UK wide basis, including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. In addition, we also supply to European and international overseas locations such as Cyprus, Germany, Gibraltar, Dubai, USA and Australia.

What professions do you manage/supply?

We supply a wide range of healthcare professionals dependent on the needs and demands of our Clients, these include but are not limited to:

  • General Practitioners (including specialities)
  • Consultants
  • Doctors/Medical Locums (all grades/specialities)
  • Dental Staff (including Dentists, Dental Nurses & Dental Hygienists)
  • Nurses (all grades/specialities)
  • Allied Health & Health Science Professionals
  • Social Workers & Social Works Staff
  • Practice Managers
  • Healthcare Assistants & Support Workers

We are also experienced in the sourcing and provision of specialist healthcare professionals, including those roles listed on the UK occupational shortage list.

What are the next steps if we wish to enquire / join CRGs sub-contracting supply chain?

Please complete the enquiry form below, following which a member of our Supply-Chain Engagement team will contact you.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to submit an enquiry form, please email with the below details.  All enquiries will be responded to within a maximum of 72 working hours.

  • Company Name and registration number.
  • Lead Contact Person, telephone and email details.
  • The sectors/organisation types you are interested in/capable of supplying to.
  • The geographical locations/regions you can supply to.
  • The healthcare professionals you are able to supply and in what capacity (temporary/permanent).