CRG Medical Staffing

Supplying medical locums of all grades to NHS Trusts and private-sector healthcare organisations, including core national supply frameworks across public and private sectors.

CRG Medical Staffing line-up.

We supply qualified medical professionals – such as doctors, allied health professionals (AHPs) and health sciences staff (HSS) – to a range of public and private-sector organisations across the UK and around the globe, including NHS hospitals, private hospitals and clinics.

We’re a leading supplier of temporary healthcare professionals to the NHS on a nationwide basis. We are included across all frameworks approved by NHSI, including those managed by CCS, LPP and HTE.  We pride ourselves on the quality of services we deliver to clients and Healthcare Professionals alike, and are able to offer you a wide variety of work placements to fit around any commitments you have now or in the future.

Helping Medical Professionals Flourish

We know that as a medical professional you perform at your best when you are motivated and made to feel valued within your workplace. With this always in mind, we will work tirelessly to place you in a role that is aligned with your specific skills, qualifications and general career ambitions. We fill all types of vacancies – from temporary and short-term contracts to permanent and long-term positions.

In order to be truly happy and satisfied in your work, you must be able to simultaneously enjoy a healthy work-life balance, because this will help to alleviate the stresses and strains of your job. As such, we will always take your individual circumstances and personal commitments into consideration when finding roles for you.

This individual approach is key, because it means that we find the right person for the job every time, and, just as importantly, it means that we find the right job for you.

Maintaining High Standards across Healthcare

As a framework-approved agency that fully adheres to compliance and upholds strict vetting procedures, we are trusted by employers across the entire healthcare sector.