Our core business

Patients within the criminal justice system are some of the most vulnerable members of society. In addition to frequently leading chaotic lives they may struggle to access traditional healthcare resources and may only need a healthcare professional whilst detained.

By working with these patients we have a unique opportunity to make a difference. In addition to supporting the criminal justice process we aim, through meeting the healthcare needs of our detainees, to reduce re-offending and the subsequent impact this has on society.

In addition to traditional healthcare input, forensic clinicians provide expert skills in supporting the integrity of criminal investigations by performing forensic examinations, assessing capacity, and obtaining relevant forensic samples.

As well as providing care to alleged perpetrators of crime, we support examinations of victims of crime and police officers.

Forensic clinicians include Forensic Physicians, Forensic Nurses and Forensic Paramedics working together to improve outcomes for this hard to reach section of society.

Forensic medicine is a hidden gem within healthcare, where no two days are the same.