Key Policies


We are committed to delivering the highest quality, reliability and standards of service, underpinned by key policy commitments:

Customer Care Statement

CRG embed a program for ‘Customer Relationship Growth, and strive to achieve ‘customer service excellence’ by assuring all Clients and Service Users have positive experiences when engaging our service.  We consider customer satisfaction integral to this, ensuring it remains at the forefront of all business activities, operations and decisions; and to assure we achieve our aims, and enhance customer experiences, we will regularly monitor and evaluate feedback sourced directly from Clients and Service Users, act promptly to any concerns or complaints raised, and use monitoring results to drive continuous improvement programs.

Quality Statement

CRG are committed to offering quality assured services, and as an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management accredited organisation regularly monitor, measure and analyse existing systems, procedures and processes to demonstrate conformity of our business and the services we provide, to improve operational effectiveness, and assure compliance with all legal, statutory, regulatory, and contractual requirements.

Environmental Statement

CRG are committed to acting and complying in a responsible, sustainable and ethical manner, and with the overarching aim of our sustainable development policies being to maintain the quality of our local communities and the environment, both now and for generations to come.  We believe environmental issues, such as pollution, waste management, energy and water conservation, transport issues and the recycling of resources, should be important items on the agenda of modern-day service providers and employers, and operate accredited systems to prevent pollution, identify any changes necessary to further reduce impacts, and continually improve our environmental management systems and practices (ISO 14001 accredited).

Continuity & Sustainability Statement

CRG are committed to maintaining appropriate business continuity and management arrangements, and understand that operating time lost to any business, for any reason, is unacceptable.  We also understand, and due to the nature of the services we provide, that we must ensure as far as is possible, such incidents do not occur, but where unavoidable, that we are able to continue to offer services and restore normal operating conditions as quickly and smoothly as possible, without compromise to service quality or safety.  To assure measures are appropriate and effective, we regularly reassess threats and risks to operating activities, internally test and rehearse plans, identify changes necessary to assure ‘restore plans’ are adequate and proportionate, including the personnel and resources necessary, and continually improve systems and practices (ISO 22301 accredited).

Information Security Statement

CRG understands that information, in whatever form, is a valuable asset; and consequently must be suitably protected, at all times, from risks and threats to its integrity, confidentiality and availability in line with internal policies, and that of legislative requirements, such as the Data Protection Act.  We are committed to our corporate and ethical responsibilities to maintain and protect the information and data we store, process and use in the course of our business activities; a responsibility we take seriously and enforce through security and behavioural policies, internal training provisions, and formal information security and management systems (ISO 27001 accredited).  To assure information is suitably preserved, we regularly reassess the security risks and threats posed from our internal and external operating environments, and implement necessary changes to ensure controls for the protection of information assets are effective and proportionate.

Equality Statement

The company is committed to eliminating discrimination and encouraging diversity amongst its workforce, and promoting the benefits of diversity across all business activities. We maintain a business culture that reflects this belief and widen the media in which we recruit to ensure our workforce is truly representative of today’s society.

It is the policy of CRG that no applicant, employee, customer , service user or supplier be treated less favourably on the grounds of race, colour, religion or belief, sex, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, marital or civil partnership status, disability, age, gender reassignment, nationality, political beliefs, membership/non-membership of a Trade Union or spent/unspent convictions.  We do not support discrimination in any form and will not discriminate unlawfully when deciding which applicant is engaged/employed or referred for Client assignments, but that such persons are assessed in accordance with their merits, qualifications and abilities to perform the role and duties required.

CRG tale allegations of discrimination extremely seriously, and behaviours or actions against the spirit of the law on which this policy is based are considered serious, and a criminal offence.  If, at any point, any persons feel unfairly treated they are encouraged to raise the matter immediately, and confidentially, with CRGs HR Department.

Health & Safety

CRG are committed to assuring full compliance with its responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 (and as subsequently amended), and all legal and regulatory requirements, and codes of practice, to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all staff, so far as is reasonably practicable, and any other persons affected by our business activities, and will ensure all reasonable precautions to provide and maintain working conditions that are safe, healthy and compliant.  In support of our legal obligations, we maintain CHAS accreditation, offering the reassurance that our systems, procedures and process for managing information and data assets are externally audited and approved as compliant against the Health and Safety at Work Act and specifically the management of staff and safety arrangements in health and social care settings.

Data Protection

CRG are registered with the Information Commissioners Office in respect of the Data Protection Act 1998, which places responsibilities on us to store, use and process the information we hold about Clients, Service Users, Candidatesand Staff in a fair and legal way.  In support of our legal obligations, we maintain the ISO 27001 Information Security & Management accreditation, offering the reassurance that our systems, procedures and process for managing information and data assets are externally audited and approved as compliant.

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 any person who CRG hold records for are permitted to request copies of suchrecords.  To request a copy of records held about you, please contact the Quality Department.  You will be asked to provide your request in writing, which will take no longer than one month to process and return all records to you.

Modern Slavery Policy

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Gender Pay Gap Report

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