Dignity in Care

Dignity In Care

CRG Homecare is an advocate of the Dignity in Care Campaign, placing a greater emphasis on improving the quality of care and changing the culture of care services to ensure people have a good experience of care when they need it. This includes the following actions:

  • Raising awareness of dignity in care.
  • Inspiring local people to take action.
  • Sharing good practice.
  • Rewarding and recognising people who make a difference.
  • Giving impetus to positive innovation.
  • Transforming services by supporting people and the organisation in providing dignified services.

Before the Dignity in Care campaign launched, numerous focus groups took place around the country to find out what Dignity in Care meant to people. The issues raised at these events resulted in the development of the 10 Point Dignity Challenge. This challenge describes the values and actions that a high quality service should adhere to when respecting peoples dignity. These include:

  • Have a zero tolerance approach to all forms of abuse
  • Support people with the same respect you would want for yourself or a member of your family
  • Treat each person as an individual by offering a personalised service
  • Enable people to maintain the maximum possible level of independence, choice and control
  • Listen and support people to express their needs and wants
  • Respect people’s right to privacy
  • Ensure people feel able to complain without fear of retribution
  • Engage with family members and carers as care partners
  • Assist people to maintain confidence and a positive self-esteem
  • Act to alleviate people’s loneliness and isolation across the country by signing up as Dignity Champions

“Dignity in Care must be everyone’s business. I hope people will step up to this challenge and do whatever is in their power to make a difference.” Sir Michael Parkinson, Dignity Champion.

Through promoting awareness of this campaign, we believe that these actions will help influence others and change the way care services are delivered. For more information please see the Dignity in Care Video.