Responsibilities of your Care Worker

Our care plans are carried out by dedicated, empathetic Field Care Supervisors & Risk Assessors who are trained to oversee your physical and emotional needs. The goal is to deliver and maintain the best possible quality of life, so your time with us is comfortable, happy, and beneficial.

Whether your needs are short-term or long-term, your care workers will be on-hand. They perform a variety of tasks, from ensuring you get the right medication to giving you some company if you need it.

The responsibilities of the care worker are as follows:

  • To maintain the standards of your personal hygiene by undertaking all personal care tasks, including washing, dressing and using the toilet
  • To maintain a healthy nutritional state in line with your dietary requirements and food plan (this involves everything from preparation to feeding and will be provided with utmost care and diligence)
  • To ensure you receive the correct medication as per your prescription
  • To closely monitor your condition, and respond immediately to any concerns should they arise
  • To undertake general tasks while on shift and if time permits, such as laundry and a stock of all supplies
  • To provide companionship and stimulation, always with an approachable and friendly manner
    To follow the care plan and risk assessment with the strictest adherence

They will also:

  • Protect your rights, making sure you are listened to, respected and treated with dignity
  • Build a positive working relationship, where the care workers will earn and keep your trust
  • Help you to protect yourself and those around you with expert safeguarding knowledge and risk assessments for almost every eventuality
  • Enable you to be as independent as possible and to build confidence through safe and considered risk-taking
  • Continue learning to ensure the best and most advanced level of care is provided at all times

If you would like to learn more about the services we provide, please get in touch.