Responsibilities of your Care Worker

The responsibilities of your Care Worker are:

  • To ensure that your welfare and safety is paramount
  • To act on/report any worries about your health or wellbeing straight away
  • To provide you with personal care, Healthcare, nursing care and support
  • To make sure that you are taking your medication correctly
  • To assist you with your personal hygiene, washing and make sure you have everything that you need
  • To enable you to achieve your full potential and live as independent a life as possible
  • To ensure that support focuses exclusively upon and meets your individual needs and preferences
  • To provide support tailored to your needs that helps you to achieve positive outcomes
  • To ensure that support is planned and monitored to promote continuous progress
  • To prepare your meals and make sure that they are following your food needs
  • To spend time with you, doing the things that you like
  • To follow your care plan and risk assessments

Your Care Worker will also have rules they have to follow such as:

  • Protecting your rights and making sure you are listened to
  • Earning and keeping your trust
  • Helping you to protect yourself and others
  • Helping you to be independent and take risks in a careful way
  • Answering to you and other people
  • Continuing to learn so they do the best job they can