A Guide to Working as a Locum Doctor

Whether you are an experienced doctor looking for a change, or a more junior doctor still working out your path within the medical sector, locuming can be an attractive choice at any point in your career.

Working as a locum doctor – whether on a part-time or more permanent basis, at a hospital or general practice – provides you with the flexibility to take shifts that fit around your lifestyle. This is particularly useful if you are studying for further medical qualifications, or you have family and social commitments.

As a locum doctor you can enjoy the same responsibilities as a permanent doctor, with the rewarding knowledge that you are still fulfilling a vital role in the health services, by supporting departments during demanding periods or shortages of staff, or covering maternity-leave posts.

Find out more about what you can expect when taking locum roles, the numerous benefits and challenges, as well as how to source roles, by reading our guide.

A Guide to Working as Locum Doctor

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