“Working as a Custody HCP was a massive learning curve for me”- Maggie Hart, Custody HCP

After 11 years in Nursing, Maggie Hart decided it was time for a change and joined the world of custody.

Having worked in chemotherapy, intensive care and complex community care, Maggie wanted a new challenge and started working as a Healthcare Professional (HCP) within custody suites in Lincolnshire in April 2018.

Maggie explained: “Working in custody is a completely new area to nursing. I enjoyed working in the ITU  and in the community but I always want to learn new skills and when I saw the job advert I thought I would go for it.”

The main differences of working in custody is the working environment and the increased level of responsibility.

Maggie said: “I have more autonomy in my role; when on shift I am the only HCP in the custody suite. This is one of the reasons I applied for the job because I like having the additional level of responsibility.

“I wouldn’t say the job is stressful but the working environment is completely different. Although you are the only HCP in custody, the Custody Sergeants and the Police are very supportive and we work well together. There is also an FME on call around the local area, so you don’t feel on your own.”

For anyone thinking of joining the world of custody, Maggie advised: “If you’re considering working as a HCP in a custody environment I would say you have to be a calm person, a good listener and you always have to think two steps ahead.

“Working as a HCP was a massive learning curve for me – this job keeps you on your toes.”

Maggie is one of the HCPs that has recently TUPE’d over to CRG Medical Services as the company won the contract with Lincolnshire Police for the provisions of FME, Healthcare and SARC services.

CRG Medical Services’ also provide FME and healthcare services to Derbyshire, Merseyside, Lancashire, Dorset, Essex and Dyfed Powys Police Forces and UK Border Force.

Email crg@medteam.co.uk to find out about our latest vacancies in custody healthcare. 

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