Staff Recognition – Rachel Quinn

CRG Medical Services’ has recognised the support and dedication shown by Rachel Quinn from its Clinical Governance Team.

Rachel has worked ‘over and above’ in providing support to the company’s successful bid to provide FME services to Lincolnshire Police. As a thank you for her hard work, the Senior Leadership Team presented Rachel with a high street voucher.

Chris Bailes, CEO of CRG Medical Services, commented: “I would like to take the opportunity to personally thank Rachel for the support that she has provided to the success of the Lincolnshire bid. It is a clear demonstration of the commitment that she has shown since taking up her role and I am proud of the positive attitude that Rachel has showed in support of her colleagues.

“I am extremely grateful for the continued focus in supporting the growth of CRG Medical Services and hope that this vouched goes some way to express the tanks of the Senior Leadership Team.”

Rachel was presented with the voucher from Professor Sandip Hindocha, CRG Medical Services Clinical Lead (pictured).

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