“I have learnt so much in this job”- HCP, Anthony James

5 years ago, Anthony James swapped working as a paramedic on the busy streets of central London to working as a healthcare professional (HCP) in a custody suites across Lincolnshire.

Since Anthony joined the world of custody, he has honed his skills and developed his medical knowledge.

Anthony said: “I thought I knew all there was to know but I have learnt so much in this job.

“Working as a HCP in custody is more medical-based than working as a paramedic. I plan their care whilst they are in custody which has helped me learn more about health conditions such as diabetes.”

Anthony was part of a team of paramedics, so from working as part of a team to being the sole HCP of a custody suite was a big change for Anthony.

“At first it took a bit of getting used to working by yourself in a custody suite however the Police have always been really supportive, so you don’t feel like you are on your own.

“As part of the induction, I shadowed a few HCPs so it helped build my confidence before I worked in the suite by myself.”

Andy believes working as a HCP is a very rewarding job: “It’s a different sort of reward you get out of working in custody. You’re planning care for someone’s future, so you feeling like you are making a difference to the rest of their life.”

Despite the rewards that come with the job, Andy also explained the challenges. “You are delivering care to some challenging people. It can be frustrating when you refer a patient to a particular service and you chase up and find out they haven’t turned up.

“I have learnt that not everyone wants help but you try your best to signpost them to services and help them change their life.”

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