Enhanced Care Practitioners – Essex Contract

CRG Medical Services has created a new role to join our healthcare professionals in Essex.

The role of Enhanced Care Practitioners has been created to provide enhanced clinical interventions and greater clinical leadership.

David Henretty, National Operations Director, said: “The new role will greatly increase the number and range of forensic healthcare interventions that we can deliver.”

The ECPs will act as the Clinical Lead whilst on shift, working across the whole force areas, providing leadership and support to our healthcare professionals.

They are trained to deliver additional, specialised interventions whilst assisting the FME (doctor) ensuring that the police have access to expert advice around forensic interventions.

David added: “The provision of this enhanced capability will greatly increase effectiveness of the service we provide and continues to demonstrate our innovative approach to service delivery.

It will also ensure that the police receive the highest level of support in a timely manner and detainees are assessed and treated within a timeframe that ensures their safety.”

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