CRG Medical Services Employees of the Quarter announced – Q3 (July-Oct)

The leaves have changed, the afternoons are darker – we’re truly into the run up to the end of what has been one of the most unique years in our company’s story!

We understand this year has thrown in some new challenges but it’s been outstanding to see our teams continuing to provide outstanding work, and we’ve received some incredible feedback about so many of you.

Amongst some of the amazing praise we’ve received from colleagues and clients, we’ve picked out some special individuals to congratulate as our Employee of the Quarter runners up for Q3 of 2020.

Introducing our Q3 Runners Up

Adam Pooley

Adam was nominated by Emma Holder, our Head of Clinical Services for his assistance with a “very comprehensive, straightforward, methodical, chronological investigation”.

Emma stated that Adam acted with integrity, professionalism and care throughout. “I have had every aspect of information forwarded to myself at the time and not had to wait or ask for any information. Adam has shown drive and commitment throughout. Well done Adam!”

Joshua Foulston

Joshua was nominated by members of our Call Centre, who said “We feel privileged to have you in our team Josh!”

The team described Joshua as committed, dedicated, hard-working and above all helpful, in particular on a difficult day shift with staff members down, even offering to start his day shift early to cover the gap. Thanks for being brilliant Josh!

Peter Lyon

Flipping the switch the other way, Peter in our call centre team was nominated by one of our HCPs for being a pleasure to talk to!

“He is always understanding, considerate, helpful and very polite! This can 100% have an impact on us as HCP’s especially if we have had a stressful day. Pete is always professional, I never feel pressurised by him when receiving calls. I hope he receives the recognition he deserves!”

Well here it is! Well done and thank you Pete!

Nicola Cordukes

Nicola was nominated by David Henretty, our Head of Operations for a “sterling job” during her Clinical Lead’s annual leave.

“It is evident in that there has been a seamless continuation of service provision, and you have quietly and diligently gone about the role with absolute success. From a personal point of view, thank you for stepping up to the extra responsibility and holding the fort so amicably….We have greatly benefited from your willingness to take on the role; having a capable and reliable team member who is a steady pair of hands, able to cover for the Clinical Lead is a huge positive factor in delivering a professional and safe service”

Thank you on behalf of Jess, David and your colleagues Nicola!

And our winner is…Joanne Davies!

Joanne was nominated by a Police Officer from her local force who told us “She has been just shy of amazing!”.

Joanne supported police with a detainee who was required to be returned to A&E for medical scans, and was involved in some frank medic-to-medic conversations that ultimately helped resolved a difficult situation.

A massive thanks to Jo who made sure the best care could be given for the detained person!

Are you an experienced healthcare professional interested in a change in your career? If you have previous trauma or A&E experience, we would love to hear from you. Check out our latest CRG Medical Services vacancies or submit your details to us here.

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