Employee of the Quarter announced

Employee of the Quarter announced

The results for CRG Medical Services’ employee of the quarter are in and what a fantastic quarter it has been. There has been high praise for our clinicians from colleagues and clients, which is incredible to hear. This quarter there were 8 employees shortlisted from across the country, which were:

  • A Custody HCP who consistently works hard to support detainees and officers whilst on shift and helps officers to feel confident that all detainees healthcare needs had been met.
  • A Custody HCP who always attended to detainees with a warm professional attitude, which was broadly recognised and praised by officers.
  • A Custody HCP who worked closely with officers to safeguard the health and wellbeing of a detainee whilst waiting for a transfer to hospital, highlighting the importance of team work.
  • A Doctor who provides excellent forensic medical support to those in custody and went the extra mile to deliver an excellent service.
  • A Manager who received high praise from one of their team who was incredibly grateful for their support and understanding,
  • A Call Centre team member who used their initiative and local knowledge to help divert and guide a Custody HCP colleague to another station following an unexpected motorway closure.
  • A Call Centre team member who worked with the management team to help overcome a critical staff shortage following unforeseen sickness levels.

All of the nominees have gone above and beyond to ensure the safety of detainees in custody as well as working exceptionally hard for the benefit of the team. Having reviewed all of the nominations, it was extremely difficult to select a winner though there was one nomination who stood out above the others for the seriousness of the incident and the potential outcome.

The overall winner was:

A Custody HCP who prevented a serious clinical incident occurring after a detainee’s condition rapidly deteriorated due to a substance overdose. The HCP also provided support to the ambulance crew in stabilising the detainee.

This action and all of those above go to demonstrate the importance of the work that we do in custody. As a Company we do our best to recognise the valuable contributions of our employees and are enormously grateful for the hard work and dedication shown by all of our clinicians every day!

The nominees will all receive gift vouchers with the winner receiving the same plus entry to the Employee of the Year award and the chance to win £500 towards a holiday.

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