CRG Medical Services Employee of the Quarter Q4 2020

CRG Medical Services Employee of the Quarter Q4 2020

It’s a new year and we’ve had a busy start to the year. We’ve seen some seriously chilly weather seeing us through the dark winter months, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, not least because some of our staff are starting to receive the COVID-19 vaccines! We’re pleased to see this important step for our staff who have been working so hard on the frontline of this pandemic. It’s fantastic to see, and we look forward to the day the vaccine is fully rolled out and we can get back to something like normality!

We’re rolling back the clock a little bit to take a look at our nominated Employees of the Quarter for the final stretch of 2020. We’ve been inundated with amazing feedback from across the country, which is why we’ve decided to introduce more categories, and be able to recognise more of our staff’s excellent achievements.

Introducing our Quarter 4 Winners!

For Professional Behaviour and Positive Attitude Toward Work

Adam Ras

Adam is a Senior Health Care Practitioner based in BCH, and was nominated by Lincolnshire’s Clinical Lead Jessica Thomson.

Our team had received a call from the police for our services at a Cambridgeshire based hospital, which at the time would have been a 200 mile return journey for our FME to make. Adam was working in the area on the night and happened to be travelling to the same hospital for a different call  – Adam very kindly agreed to complete the additional call whilst he was at the hospital and then diligently sent scanned copies of the paperwork to his Clinical Lead. If it wasn’t for Adam’s kindness, professionalism and willingness to help then there would have been a considerable impact within Lincolnshire due to the 200 mile return journey the FME would undertake, the time the FME would be unavailable for calls within Lincolnshire and the time delays that would have been experienced in the blood sampling taking place.

“I presume that Adam saw this as a small favour but hope he can appreciate how incredibly grateful I am to him for his help. This is a wonderful example of teamwork across contracts (for staff he has never even met) and I’m certain would have been appreciated by Lincolnshire Police as they will have known he was not a Lincolnshire HCP.”

Our Runners Up

  • Sandra Thrasher, Norfolk
  • Alison Driver, Suffolk
  • Richard Gray, Norfolk
  • Jo Campbell, Essex

For Stakeholder Management

Nicola Jeffrey

Nicki is a Cambridgeshire based Senior Health Care Practitioner, and was nominated by colleague Adam.

“In July this year a new call process was introduced across the 5 Counties and Nicki in her role as SHCP has been hugely supportive to all clinicians in the region and also to Wendy Bartram and overcome a number of challenges we have faced. Nicki has also overseen the roll out of our FME system to the staff across our BCH contract which continues to help raise our service delivery performance to the customer. Nicki turns up for work everyday full of enthusiasm and nothing is ever too much trouble and consistently goes above and beyond.Well done Nicki and thank you for your commitment and support, it is hugely appreciated.”

Our Runners Up

  • Keith Boulton, HMP Chelmsford
  • Deb Godbold, Norfolk

For Management and Leadership Support

Toni Rooke

Toni is an Essex based Senior Health Care Practitioner who was nominated by colleague Peter.

“I would like to make it known that I very much appreciate the consistent, helpful, open and reliable support I receive from my Line Manager, Toni Rooke. Whenever I need advice, guidance, reassurance, an urgent issue needing to be addressed or just something that needs sorting out to clear the way ahead, either clinically or specifically regarding my role, Toni is always on hand and quickly, efficiently and effectively brings clarity, resolves any issues that may have arisen and supplies advice, reassurance and updates in a concise, down to earth, efficient and friendly way.

As a direct result of this, Toni has become someone I have come to trust and very much appreciate being directly on hand for me at present, for guidance where I require it and efficient problem solving as and when clinical issues may arise. She does all this in a down to earth and friendly way and I feel it is necessary to make it known just what this means to me, how important it is to have Toni, who advocates this type of approach, behind me and in the Team.”

Our Runners Up

  • Wendy Bartram, 5 Counties & Essex
  • Sandra Beeton, BCH

For Patient Care and Clinical Incidents

Jon Trattles

Jon is a Lincolnshire based Health Care Practitioner who was nominated by our Head of Clinical Services.

“Jon Trattles has completed 2 clinical incidents reports on Radar overnight – I am impressed with the depth of appropriate information within both reports and they are reported. I am even more so impressed with the identification and follow up for the safeguarding referral and Covid aftercare. Jon’s knowledge, care and treatment is outstanding and certainly `stood out’ during my review of Radar.”

Our Runners Up

  • Joshua Foulston, Lancashire

Know someone deserving of recognition?

Well done to everyone nominated during the last quarter, it’s great to see such frequent compliments being raised on Radar about colleagues all over the country. If you think someone has gone above and beyond, please do let us know via Radar so that we can show our appreciation!

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