CRG Medical Services Employee of the Quarter Q1 2021

CRG Medical Services Employee of the Quarter Q1 2021

The last few months have seen a steady flow of amazing compliments coming through Radar for so many of our staff. It’s always so hard to pick a shortlist for Employee of the Quarter but so uplifting to hear about the amazing work going on in custody suites, prisons and other sites that our teams support.

So as always, here are our winners, along with some other notable mentions that we’ve selected as runner up!

Introducing our Quarter 1 Winners!

From the Eastern Region:

Lucy Irwin – For exceptional support to Peers, your manager or the Company

We had this lovely comment logged in Radar from a colleague of Lucy’s “I would like to pass on my thanks and praise for Lucy Irwin. Since Lucy has been my SHCP she has been nothing but supportive, and encouraging….Within my role as HCP, Lucy has always been on the end of the phone and has regularly come to see me in custody to give support and help when asked. I feel I have learnt so much from her. No questions asked or requests made are ever an issue or problem, which makes Lucy so approachable if there is ever a problem….I feel Lucy should be recognised for the outstanding person that she is, and she is a credit to CRG. Thank you Lucy.”

Well done Lucy! We love reading testimonials like this!

Our Runners Up

  • Sandra Beeton – SHCP, BCH
  • Tina Speirs – BCH
  • William Cunningham – Essex
  • Pete Hutchings – Suffolk
  • Denise Boothman – SHCP, Essex
  • Shelley Watts – SHCP, Suffolk

From the Western Region:

Nic Cordukes – For Excellent Patient Care/ Clinical Incidents

We received a compliment on Nicola’s actions from a Custody Sergeant who recounted her assistance with an overdose following an arrest.

We were told “I was very impressed by how calm and composed Nicola was in this situation. As a custody sergeant we spend a great deal of time training for such situations, but to have something actually play out in front of you like this, is still very shocking. I was exceptionally grateful that Nicola took control of the situation, in such a manner that it kept everyone calm and Nicola was able to direct the team in a clear manner so we were all aware of her expectations from us……I wholeheartedly believe, that if it had not been for Nicola’s quick actions and intervention, the outcome would have been much worse…I strongly believe that Nicola deserves some sort of recognition for her wonderful and skilful actions. Had this intervention been made by a police officer, they would be receiving a Chief Constable’s Commendation.”

Phenomenal work Nicola – well done!

Jo Cassidy – For Positive attitude toward work/ Professional Behaviour

We received a compliment on Radar for Jo, raised on behalf of a Police Sergeant in Blackburn:

“Please can I just highlight and pass my thanks onto Jo Cassidy for their work at Greenbank recently….. I know sometimes that the HCPs don’t always get the credit that they deserve so I just wanted to pass my teams thanks on”

Well done Jo, we definitely want to give that credit!

Our Runners Up

  • Pauline Richmond – Call Centre
  • Kerry Grimes – Call Centre
  • Rhian Aiken – Dyfed Powys
  • Helen Scott – Lincolnshire
  • Kerry Grimes – Call Centre
  • David Lynch – Derbyshire
  • Shelley Otter – Dorset
  • Anne Jarvis – Dorset
  • Philip Toole – Clinical Governance
  • Lucie Carpenter – Bid Team

Know someone deserving of recognition?

Well done to everyone nominated during the last quarter, it’s great to see such frequent compliments being raised on Radar about colleagues all over the country. If you think someone has gone above and beyond, please do let us know via Radar so that we can show our appreciation!

Interested in joining the CRG Medical Services team?

We’re currently recruiting custody staff for full and part time roles across the country. Check out our job search for all the latest prison and custody suite vacancies.

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