5 Medical Roles That Offer Travel Opportunities

While we believe any role in the medical world can enrich your life tremendously, it’s even more rewarding when it comes with travel opportunities.

Whether you’re the type who strives on new environments, gets restless of a steady routine, or seeks flexibility without compromising on a fulfilling career, here are five medical roles that will take you to places around the country, and possibly internationally around the world.

Locum Nurse

Locum nurses opt for short-term assignments in various locations as opposed to taking a permanent position in one hospital or practice. The assignment duration can vary, but you will have plenty of time to create a rapport with your colleagues, adapt to the individual practice’s routine, and embrace the local culture.

Locum nursing offers a great variety of practice settings, patient mixes, and new co-workers. You can expect to be exposed to new technologies, different healthcare delivery systems and a variety of new professional experiences, not to mention becoming a locum nurse allows you to travel the country to its fullest possibilities. The biggest advantage of all is the experience you’ll acquire from working across various specialities, which will help you become more versatile as a nurse and broaden your knowledge in the nursing industry.

As a locum nurse, you are able to work when and where you want, while also earning a little extra at certain periods of the year, i.e. the run-up to Christmas. As if that’s not attractive enough, many of our locum nurse positions offer housing and meals subsidised and they’re generally better paid too.

Medical Consultant

Hospitals and other healthcare companies are major employers of medical consultants. Most consultants work part-time for consulting firms, where you’re expected to travel to a number of accounts in order to provide management guidance when needed.

However, some consultants are hired on a full-time basis by government organisations – such as the Ministry of Defence (MOD) – where their primary responsibilities are to offer advice for standardising the delivery of care, as well as salary, staffing, budgeting, and advertising suggestions. In short, they help to run the organisation efficiently and profitably, and find ways to improve their infrastructure. MOD positions often offer travel opportunities to the various branches across the UK and abroad.

Defence Medical Services (DMS)

Whether it’s for a frontline role in foreign warzones or serving on warships on the high seas, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) needs medics of all types. A medical career in the MOD is clearly a brilliant way to travel, but it can also propel your career whilst providing plenty of rewards, including competitive pay rates and benefits.

Joining the MOD early in your career can open many doors for your future as a medical professional. If you’re already an NHS-qualified nurse, then you might be interested to learn that there’s a full range of training and degree courses available to you, including the opportunity to specialise in many areas of nursing, up to and beyond Master’s level.

(Did you know we’re a prime recruiter for the Ministry of Defence? To find medical roles that offer great overseas opportunities, take a look at CRG Defence’s official page.)

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Pharmaceutical sales representatives are employed by healthcare companies that develop and produce pharmaceutical goods. On top of regional sales meetings, conferences, and trade shows, pharma reps also travel to meetings with customers to promote and sell new medical devices and appliances. Such products can range from replacement heart valves and artificial cardiac pacemaker, to prosthetic devices and arch supports.

In fact, most medical sales roles entail a considerable amount of travel, and they’re rather lucrative too. However, since the territories in pharma sales tend to be smaller, pharmaceutical reps don’t travel quite as much as one would assume. Nonetheless, you’ll find short-distance travel opportunities in abundance should you follow this career route.

Locum Tenens Physician

A locum tenens physician works in the place of the regular physician when the physician is absent, or when a practice is short-staffed. They opt for short-term assignments in various settings rather than settling into one practice permanently.

In most cases, physicians switch to working in a locum tenens capacity when they are approaching retirement, have closed down their practice, or left their full-time job at a hospital. But there are exceptions; some new physicians choose to work as locum tenens physicians as a way of exploring their options before finding their feet where they want to practise long-term.

Working as a locum tenens physician is great for the flexibility, but that’s not all: you earn more than your permanent counterparts as well. More importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to take time off for yourself between assignments and experience different parts of the country. So if you’re fairly confident in your adaptability as a physician, then this may be the role for you.

Find Your Dream Medical Role

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