#EveryNurse Job Profile: Military Nurse

Both nursing and the military have been around for many years, so it’s no surprise that the two professions are so intertwined. While military nurses share some of the same responsibilities as traditional nurses, they are educated in more than nursing skills – they’re also trained specifically in how to work with military patients and how to work in a military environment.

Job Description

Military nurses can find themselves working in a variety of settings; varying from hospitals with military units to ground-based environmentals like medical regiments and field hospitals. They handle a wide range of medical situations, including caring for civilian and military patients locally and military casualties of wars and conflicts further afield.

Military nurses often have to work alongside military personnel in medical centres, which is why they have to be able to keep calm under pressure, considering the patient group they are required to attend to. On top of that, life-saving skills are also essential for anyone who’s looking to pursue a military-nursing career.

Educational/Practical Experience Requirements

In order to qualify for a military-nursing role, you must…

  • Be a registered nurse with the NMC and hold a valid and in date PIN with no restriction of practice
  • Must hold a current valid personal medical indemnity insure

Day-To-Day Responsibilities

The daily responsibilities of a military nurse can include providing nursing services to military personnel.

In addition, it is also a military nurse’s job to complete reports and documentation in accordance with internal policy or the requirements of any other government department as well as to inform the local medical authority of any case that may affect a patient’s ability to undertake their duties. Lastly, you may also be required to attend individual management reviews or case conferences if necessary.

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