Our National Care Day

CRG Homecare is delighted to announce that we’re holding our very own National Care Day in September.

Employees from CRG’s Shared Services, Executive Board, Regional Managers, Recruitment Business Partners and Quality Assurance will be experiencing a ‘day in the life of a Care Worker’!

CRG Homecare’s National Care Day is taking place on Tuesday 25 September and will see our employee’s team up with care workers across the UK to experience working as a care worker.

Lisa Hillman, CRG’s Workforce Development Director, said: “The aim of our care day is to highlight the amazing work that our care workers do day in, day out to help people in their community.

The Group’s Chief Financial Officer will be joined by CRG Homecare’s Senior leadership Team along with employees from Finance, HR, Marketing and the Bid Team. Each employee will shadow a care worker from each of our 17 homecare branches nationwide.

Lisa added: “We’re really looking forward to our National Care Day. There’s been an overwhelming positive response to this initiative from homecare branches and many care workers have volunteered for employees to shadow them.”

We will be posting updates throughout the day on CRG Homecare’s social media and we will be finding out how our employees are finding the day!

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