Why Healthcare Workers Need Training and Support

All jobs bring their own pressures and difficulties with them, but because healthcare workers are responsible for the health and wellbeing of vulnerable patients, their jobs can be both highly stressful and rewarding. This is why they need plenty of training and support as they work, so that they are fully equipped to protect the patients in their care.


Initial training periods for healthcare staff can differ greatly depending on the organisations they are working for and the jobs they are training for. Some nurses, for example, may be expected to work independently, whereas other hospitals or medical practices will assign mentors who guide them through everything, offering feedback and suggesting areas for improvement.

Whatever the job, during the initial training period all healthcare workers should…

  • Stay organised. Healthcare workers are often thrown into busy and hectic environments where there is little time for others to offer comprehensive guidance, it is important that they are able to keep on top of their own time management.
  • Learn from mistakes. Becoming confident in their own judgments, especially when these decisions may affect vulnerable patients, takes time. However, by learning from past mistakes and prioritising the safety of patients, the healthcare worker will begin to trust their own judgment.

By learning to manage a heavy workload and learning from initial mistakes, healthcare workers grow into confident and efficient professionals who can deliver the highest levels of care to their patients.

Personal Development

Training doesn’t just stop after probationary periods. Personal development and learning are essential to career progression and (more fundamentally) to delivering the best possible care.

After initial appraisals, it is time to set up a personal development plan with healthcare staff. Here, each worker will be able to list all of the aims they want to achieve ahead of their next review. By constantly creating a new personal development plan ahead of each review, healthcare staff will be continuously learning new skills and achieving more goals.

Support at Work

It is also important for healthcare staff to receive support from colleagues and managers in order to overcome difficulties such as stress and burnout. Burnout is defined as feelings of exhaustion and stress as a result of working in a fast-paced environment for a long time. People who suffer from burnout can feel fatigued, in addition to feeling guilty and anxious that they haven’t delivered the best care to patients as a result of their burnout.

A key way of preventing or reducing the effects of burnout is ensuring that healthcare staff receive the support they need at work. They should be encouraged to speak to managers straight away when they begin to feel the symptoms of burnout. Many healthcare workers overlook symptoms like fatigue and anxiety, which only become worse as time goes on.

Colleagues can also help in circumstances like this. It is highly likely that other workers in the same departments have experienced similar situations – whether that’s the symptoms of burnout, having difficulties caring for certain patients, or any other pressures, colleagues can often help other members of staff to feel supported.

Providing the Best Care

It is important to ensure that healthcare workers feel fully supported, so they understand their work, learn new skills, avoid burnout and deliver the best care. If healthcare workers feel supported in their roles, they are far more likely to empathise with patients, communicate effectively and deliver the best care that they possibly can.

Supporting and Training Healthcare Staff

Here at CRG, we provide all the support and training that our healthcare workers may need. Whether you manage nurses, healthcare assistants or support workers, we can provide the support they need. To find out more about the support and training we offer, contact us today.

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