The Nursing Career Ladder

Are you considering a career as a nurse? Or have you been working as a nurse for a while and you’re simply looking for a new challenge? Either way, we have plenty of information and advice that will help you.

There are so many areas you can branch out to as a nurse. From adult nursing and caring for people with learning disabilities, to mental health nursing and working with GPs, there is so much you can do.

What’s more, you will see your salary and responsibilities increase as you climb the ladder in your particular specialism. As a clinical support worker, you can expect to assist other medical professionals as they care for patients. And if you choose to climb the ranks all the way to consultant, you will serve in an advisory capacity, providing overall guidance and structure to the other nurses you work with.

Find out more about how you can climb the career ladder as a nurse, how you can branch out into specialist areas, and how you can use your existing experience to take the next step.

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