Benefits of being a locum nurse with CRG Healthcare Staffing

Whether you’ve recently graduated or are a nurse assessing your professional options, we’ve listed several reasons why you should consider becoming a locum nurse with CRG Healthcare Staffing.

Greater flexibility

Being a locum nurse provides you with flexibility and control over your shifts, number of working hours and the type of work you do, giving you the chance to pick and mix your shifts as you wish. You are also free to book holidays whenever you like, without worrying that they will not be approved.

Our sister company HCL Nursing explored the view of agency nurses and their motivations for choosing agency work over a permanent role in our research paper, Agency nursing under the microscope: understanding flexibility in the NHS, created in partnership with the Royal College of Nursing. The results of our research confirmed that the flexibility to pick when and where to work is the primary reason for which nurses turn to agency work.

Better work-life balance

Having full control over your working patterns might contribute to a better work-life balance so you can continue to give best levels of care without the risk of feeling stressed or overworked. Being a locum nurse also allows you to combine working with other family and caring responsibilities, adapting your work needs to your family needs.

Enhancing your professional skills

Working locum shifts is a great way to progress your career development, especially as you might be able to take on placements that aren’t limited to one particular area/specialism. That way you will be working with a variety of patients and colleagues while gaining valuable experience in a new area.

There is a unique opportunity to develop your professional skills while being a locum nurse by learning news skills. This will inevitably enhance your CV, helping you to advance your medical career.

Better rates of pay

You might consider going locum because of the considerably increased pay rates, compared to working as a permanent nurse*. 24% of the agency nurses surveyed by our sister company HCL Nursing, stated that agency working pays more than extra shifts through the NHS bank.

Around the clock, dedicated support

One of the great benefits of becoming a locum agency nurse with CRG Healthcare Staffing is having the dedicated support, assistance and guidance from our team of consultants and support staff. We value the relationships we build with our nurses, and have been working with many for years! The role of our team is to take the stress out of your job, helping you to find the perfect location, environment and hours for you,  allowing you to perform your nursing duties to the best of your ability. 

Do you want to give it a try?

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*Pay rates depend on the role and stage of career and they might vary. For more information, please check with your consultant

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