The best career move I have made – Locum Dental Hygienist

The best career move I have made – Locum Dental Hygienist

“Working for the Ministry of Defence is one of the best career moves I have ever made,” these are the words of CRG Defence’s Dental Hygienist, Roy.

Roy joined CRG Defence on what he expected to be a short term contract yet 18 months later he is still working at the same barracks.

He initially signed up for a 5-week contract at HMS Nelson Portsmouth in November 2016 and he is still working in the barracks today.

“There wasn’t enough work in my local area, and I found the idea of moving around the country interesting,” he said. “I initially signed up for a 5-week contract but loved it so much that I wanted to extend the contract.”

The facilities, working conditions and support Roy received led to him embrace the role and he is currently on his seventh consecutive contract extension.

“The working hours are sensible and the surgeries are well equipped – they have great facilities and equipment. Above all though I work with a wonderful, supportive team. This all helps in treating patients to the best of my ability.”

Despite being a locum, Roy has always been part of the team: “I’ve been fortunate enough to be truly considered one of the team. There is obviously no requirement for a Locum to do any more than their clinical duty, but if you truly embrace the experience then the rewards clinically and socially can be returned.”

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